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(Left to right) Brian Higham, Dave Buckley, Dave MacDonald - who started at The Golden Garter in 1969, at the same time as Isabel Duncan (commere and vocalist) & Christopher Wren.  The band were subsequently renamed THE GOLDEN GARTER TRIO and then THE G-SET.  Dave MacDonald (AKA Dave Robin) and Dave Buckley went on to join THE IVY LEAGUE - with whom Buckley continued to play, until the band was disbanded in 2018.


Waiting for the curtains to open at The Golden Garter in 1978, John Millington and Brian Gibbs with Trish Millington and Derek in the background.  Family Affair started a residency at The Golden Garter Club in Wythenshawe after performing an audition in front of Jean Clarke and David Wiseman.  They performed 6 nights a week, playing 3 spots per night for dancing.  Additionally, four members of the 5-piece band were part of the floor show - which was themed and required them to sing and dance, as Family Affair and with the rest of the cast.  Also appearing at that time were KEVIN KENT (compere) & SHEILA MARIE.

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